Welcome to Winning Isn’t Easy, the podcast that dives into the complex world of disability insurance claims and legal battles. In Season 3 Episode 6,  Nationwide Long Term Disability Attorney Nancy L. Cavey to discusses the challenges of dealing with The Hartford Disability Insurance Carrier.

Navigating the disability insurance claims process can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with a carrier like The Hartford. With decades of experience representing clients in disability claims against major insurance carriers, Attorney Cavey offers her unique insight into the tactics used by insurance companies to deny or terminate claims, and how to effectively fight back.

In this episode, we’ll explore the common issues that arise when dealing with The Hartford, including the importance of medical evidence, the use of surveillance, and how to handle a denied claim. Attorney Cavey will share her strategies for successfully advocating for her clients and navigating the appeals process.

Whether you’re a disability insurance policyholder, a healthcare provider, or an attorney representing clients in disability claims, this episode is packed with valuable information to help you navigate the complex world of disability insurance claims and come out on top. Join us for Winning Isn’t Easy Season 3 Episode 6: The Hartford Disability Insurance Carrier by Nationwide Long Term Disability Attorney Nancy L. Cavey.

“Winning Isn’t Easy” is a podcast dedicated to exploring the complexities of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) long-term disability world. Each episode, we delve into the challenges and triumphs of navigating this intricate landscape and bring to light the key issues affecting disabled individuals seeking benefits under ERISA. Get ready to listen in on a captivating listen as we uncover the truth behind “Winning Isn’t Easy.”

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

LINK TO ROBBED: https://caveylaw.com/get-free-reports/get-disability-book/

LINK TO PROFESSIONAL BOOK: https://caveylaw.com/get-free-reports/disability-insurance-claim-survival-guide-professionals/

FREE CONSULT LINK: https://caveylaw.com/contact-us/

Dr. Braun’s Website and Information: https://www.bayareaorthofl.com/david-t-braun/

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Originally published as Winning Isn't Easy Season 3 Episode 6: The Hartford Disability Insurance Carrier at Winning Isn’t Easy: Long Term Disability ERISA Claims

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