Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I think the lady woodpecker who roosts on my balcony has a suitor. He sometimes pecks at the chimney around 6am. I guess the crows managed to get the robins’ eggs or babies the other week, because the robins have disappeared.
  • I had a rather odd visitor on last week’s weekend wrap-up. Dude was an Israeli dermatologist (as per his LinkedIn profile) who decided that my post conveyed that I had racing thoughts, and he seemed to want to diagnose me. When I pointed out that this was odd, he wrote, “When you show the world your thoughts don’t think that professionals in this area can’t write what they think about it in the prospective of psychiatric medicine, and I know exactly what it is.” Uh-huh, sure you do…
  • I was checking a medical clinic’s schedule to see what doctors were working on a particular day, and then I Googled the doctors’ names so I could have a look at any patient reviews. One of the docs had been reprimanded and fined a year and a half ago by the College of Physicians for using sexualized language with a teenage female patient, like referring to her as a “loose woman.” There were multiple reviews on RateMDs.com that leaned hard into victim-blaming. One said, “I think the woman who complained should pay for the fine!!!” That’s pretty fucking gross.
  • I think I mentioned a while back that my latest book wasn’t available for expanded distribution on Amazon (meaning it could be ordered by non-Amazon booksellers), and when I asked about this, I was told it was because of the interior images. So I removed those, but it’s still not eligible. Now they’re saying it’s because “our distributors don’t accept content that is excessively reused, recycled, or repeated within or across books.” What on earth are they talking about? When I emailed again to say that didn’t make sense, I got a reply from someone who was either a bot, didn’t speak English, or hadn’t actually read my email. I think Amazon has a lot of confused people working for them.
  • I was browsing through books on Netgalley and came across one entitled How to Tell if You Are Fat and What to Do About It, and the cover had an arrow pointing from the “how to tell if you are fat” in the title to a picture of someone’s belly. Seriously? How did a publishing house decide that this was what they wanted to put out into the world?
  • I rarely look at Bing’s Webmaster Tools because I forget Bing exists (and who are all these people who use it?). Anyway, I was looking at it this week and comparing the search terms that I get the most clicks from on Bing vs. Google. There’s almost no overlap, which I find very interesting. I’m not sure if that’s entirely to do with differences in their algorithms, or if there are also differences between Bing searchers and Google searchers.
  • I’m always proud to be a Canadian, but sometimes I’m reminded of just how much I appreciate living here rather than in the US. Our Supreme Court is far less politicized than in the US.
Casper the guinea pig sitting in a hay rack

This is Casper McFloofy Floof around the time I adopted her 4 /2 years ago. She was found in a parking lot, and the fur around her midsection had been shaved off. Shee was happy to have a new home, and I think she’s very happy being an adoptive mama to Brownie and Toffee. Brownie is Little Miss Independent, but Toffee is very attached to Casper.

Guinea pigs Peanut and Butternut, who has

This is Peanut Potato and Butternut. Butternut’s favourite spot is tucked into that corner of the cage with his little fence he can chew on and his canopy towel. The boys’ cage normally lives in the bathroom, but I’ve temporarily moved it into my bedroom while waiting for the stupid bathroom ceiling leak to get dealt with.

colouring page with flowers and leaves and black background

Here’s some colouring from this week. I was quite happy with how this one turned out.

How has your week been?

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