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  • Workplace Accommodations for People with Mental Illness

    Reasonable accommodations in the workplace (also known as reasonable adjustments in the UK) are a human right for people with disabilities. However, it may not be immediately obvious to employers or employees how that applies to people with mental illness. For those of us living with mental health conditions, it can be helpful to get…


  • Supporting Students with Mental Health Needs at School

    Students with mental health, emotional, or behavioral needs, like all children, need to be understood, supported, and appreciated in their schools and communities. Specialized services and supports may be required to help these children succeed at school, and problems at school can create or increase mental health needs. As schools have resumed in-person learning for…


  • Build Back Better, Better Jobs Act

    As America moves towards pandemic recovery it is essential now more than ever that we make massive investments in expanding access to Home-Community Based Services (HCBS) for kids and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities regardless of IQ, or at risk of institutionalization. Our service system must be reformed into a pro-active system that…


  • Women’s History Month Reflection

    Disclaimer: The views expressed in this piece are those of the author.