About Dr. Cydney Fox

Cydney holds a doctoral degree in Audiology from the George Osborne School of Audiology at Salus University in Pennsylvania. Her master’s degree in Audiology was awarded from the University of Denver and her undergraduate degree in Speech and Hearing from Indiana University. She is Board Certified in Audiology. Dr. Fox has been working with and assessing Auditory Processing Disorders since 2007.

Cydney has held positions at the UCLA Audiology Clinic from 1975-1996, USC Head and Neck Physicians Private Practice from 1996-1999 and was the director of Tracy Family Hearing Center (affiliated with John Tracy Clinic) from 1999-2003.

She was Director of Audiology Services and Director of The Auditory Processing Disorders Program at The Tinnitus and Audiology Center of Southern California from 2004 -2012. She is the Audiology Member of the Craniofacial Team at Orthopaedic Hospital and has served in that capacity since 1999.

Cydney was a staff lecturer both at California State University, Los Angeles,(1998-1999) and Northridge (2008 through 2009) in the Division of Communication Disorders. She was President of the California Academy of Audiology from 2001-2003 and served on the Board of Directors prior to that time. She was one of the Audiology Members on the State of California Speech Language Pathology Audiology Board from 1995-1999. She has also served on the Board of Directors for Hope for Hearing Foundation.

Awarded the Larry Mauldin Award for Excellence in Education in April 2005, she also received an Audiology Foundation of America Award for Leadership in Audiology in 2007.

Cydney is currently a member of the Craniofacial Team at Orthopaedic Hospital and is full time at Audiology Solutions LA. Because of the make up of Audiology Solutions LA, she is able to travel to various offices within the LA area, thus making it easier for patients to access her services.



    Originally published as There Is a Lot More to Learning Than Just Hearing by: Dr. Cydney Fox at Special Education Matters

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