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Year of the Tiger: New book in 2022!

By Alice Wong / 2021-02-16
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I am delighted to share that I will be coming out with a new book next year, Year of the Tiger, published by Vintage Books. The title refers to the year I was born under the Chinese zodiac. Part memoir, part collected works–100% fun!

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Screenshot from a piece from Publisher’s Weekly. On the left is a photo of Alice Wong, wearing a gray sweatshirt with a


The King and Lies

By Alice Wong / 2021-02-14
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The King and Lies  Tinu Abayomi-Paul


The day you realize as a Black person, that your people were enslaved, and are still being oppressed, in order to provide the foundation of wealth in this country, is a hard one.

An echo of that pain reverberates in our hearts when our collective heroes die in a way we perceive as sudden, especially when we judge the grim reaper’s arrival as early as well.



Q&A with Sabrina Epstein

By Alice Wong / 2021-02-12
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This has been a weird start to 2021, speaking for myself at least. As if surviving during a pandemic wasn’t challenging enough, high-risk people all over the US and globally are fighting for vaccine equity. Below is an interview with Sabrina Epstein, a Public Health Studies major who serves as a student researcher and communications intern for the Disability Health Research Center at Johns Hopkins University. Sabrina will share about her interest in public health