Dr. Amy Novotny, founder of the PABR Institute describes the PABR method to relieve stress and pain and in many cases the need for surgery! This episode is a must for anyone in pain, but also for those playing sports, office workers, truck drivers, anyone on their feet , anyone that sits, ….let’s put it this way, this episode is for everyone!!!

Websites in this episode:

Dr. Amy Novotny’s PABR Website – www.pabrinstitute.com

Contact Dr. Novotny——- amy@pabrinstitute.com

On Facebook——–www.facebook.com/dramynovotny

On Instagram——-www.instagram.com/anovotn

Living With A Disability on Facebook — www.famousapple.com/group





Originally published as Stress - Pain Relief and Breathing at An Apple A Day

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