Sh*tpost: The Whole ’It’s-Not-a-Disability-It’s-Society’ Myth… Sucks. s2e3

“They” say #autism… or #ADHD… are not disabilities. It only seems like that in a world designed for “neurotypicals.”

I call that some toxic bullsh*t.

Heads up.

I’m recovering from what may be a “cold”… or… Omicron Covid.

So, I may be triple-vaxxed… But I’m unable to record this week.

I’m trying an automated reading service to keep in touch with you all.

I call this one, “Shitpost: The ‘It’s-Not-a-Disability-It’s-Society’ Myth… Sucks.”


Transcript: https://autisticaf.me/2022/02/19/shtpost-the-its-not-a-disability-its-society-myth-sucks/

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Originally published as Sh*tpost: The Whole ’It’s-Not-a-Disability-It’s-Society’ Myth… Sucks. s2e3 at #AutisticAF Out Loud

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