A word many experts use to describe dyslexic people is “misunderstood.” Teachers often don’t catch the signs, parents often don’t know the best ways to advocate for their kids at school, and amidst all of that confusion, the child can feel completely misunderstood. Emily Kircher-Morris talks with Jill Stowell, author of Take the Stone Out of the Shoe, about tearing down barriers and building communication.

Also, here’s a link to our continuing education and professional development course for school district gifted/twice-exceptional programs. It’s a 15-hour, 6-module course called “Strategies for Supporting Twice-Exceptional Students,” by Emily Kircher-Morris. Learn more and get it for your district at Neurodiversity University.

ABOUT THE GUEST -Jill Stowell, M.S. is the founder and executive director of Stowell Learning Centers where she and her team have helped thousands of children and adults eliminate their struggles associated with dyslexia, learning differences, auditory processing, or attention challenges. She is also the host of the LD Expert podcast.

Jill is a two-time best-selling author and speaker who is passionate about helping parents and educators understand their struggling students and the possibilities for real change.

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Thank you for caring about neurodivergent people.


Originally published as Removing the Roadblocks of Dyslexia at The Neurodiversity Podcast

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