Today on the pod, we are replaying some clips from our 2020 episode about including students with intellectual disabilities in general education (our second most listened to episode of all time). But this time around, I’m adding an additional interview with my friends from the TIES Center, Jennifer Sommerness and Jessica Bowman. Now if you don’t know, the TIES center is the National Technical Assistance Center on inclusive practices and policies. It works with states, districts, and schools to support the movement of students with disabilities from less inclusive to more inclusive environments. TIES is funded through a federal grant from the Office of Special Education Programs or OSEP. I invited Jennifer and Jessica to share some stories of students with extensive support needs that were included in general education and reflect on their journey to becoming supporters and promoters of inclusive education. In the original episode from 2020, I had my friend and former colleague, Juanita Prichard come on the podcast and talk about strategies for teachers who had students with intellectual disabilities in their classrooms.


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Comprehensive Inclusive Education: General Education and the Inclusive IEP


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Originally published as Remix: TIES Center | Including Students with Extensive Support Needs in General Education at The Think Inclusive Podcast

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