Putting the ‘Stim’ in ‘Stimulation’: This Random Autistic Guy is a Sex God

Perhaps you heard whispers of a “savant of sex” the last time you were at a club. Turns out the legend is true, and it’s an unlikely person.

Jack Lawson of Indianapolis has made a reputation for himself as one of the most desired autistic people in town.

“For too long, autistic people have been seen as nonsexual beings with no agency,” Lawson says. “It’s quite damaging, especially since most of us will not receive comprehensive sex education or be taught basic steps to protect ourselves. I’ve had to do a lot of learning by myself, and it’s better than nothing.”

Lawson won’t see just anyone. “I have my standards. I request each person I see get tested afterward for safety’s sake; I do the same because I’m responsible. I’ve come across a few who are interested in the exotic aspect of who I am rather than my personality, which does put me in a spot. Do I take what they say at face value when it’s quite ableist, or do I ignore it for the sake of their pleasure? In the end, I turn them away because I can’t be bothered with those who are disingenuous.”

Derrick Thompson, the most recent person to experience Lawson’s powers, had this to say: “I met Jack at Indy Pride, and after we got to talking, we decided to see how things would go in the bedroom. And I gotta say, I haven’t met anyone quite like that before. I have no idea how he does it, but what he can do is magic. He had this hypnotic album playing in the background — it’s an incredibly structured experience. It’s trancelike to the point where I got lost in the moment.”

What does Lawson have in store for the future? “I’m writing a book specifically for autistic people that helps navigate sex and relationships in a way that isn’t infantilizing. The working title is split between ‘Stimmy in the Sheets: Sex for Those with Sensory Issues’ and ‘Fappy Hands are Happy Hands.’ Fingers crossed it gets picked up by a big publisher.”

While further questions were planned, we got a bit, uh, distracted, and couldn’t complete the interview. However, we can confirm that the rumors are true.

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