We welcome Elizabeth Hamblet, the author of Seven Steps for College Success: A Pathway for Students with Disabilities, to talk about how parents can prepare their neurodivergent kids for college. We talk about when to begin preparing, and how to develop processes and good habits. We discuss what most colleges offer (or don’t offer) to neurodivergent students, and when it might be best to alter plans. The truth about post-high school accommodations might shock you. We talk about it in episode 163.

This episode is brought to you by On Your Marq, a College Success program for neurodivergent students at Marquette University. Call 414-288-0203, or go to www.marquette.edu/on-your-marq.

To register for a spot in our SPACE program, submit your information through this portal. For more details, and for information on our courses for educators and parents, head to the Neurodiversity University.

ABOUT THE GUEST – Elizabeth Hamblet began her career as a high school special ed teacher, then transitioned to working in a college setting, helping students with time management, organization, reading and study skills. Elizabeth is also a recognized author and speaker who utilizes her 20+ years of experience to help parents find an organized path through the college preparation process, get the real truth about accommodations for students entering college, and navigating the admissions process.

She’s also a contributing writer for Disability Compliance for Higher Education, a journal for higher education disability professionals, and her work has also appeared in the Journal of College Admission, Teaching Exceptional Children, ADDitude Magazine, Attention, Raising Teens, and Career Development for Exceptional Individuals, and on platforms like Understood.org and ADDitudemag.com.


Elizabeth’s website

Elizabeth’s book

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Originally published as Preparing for a More Independent College Experience at The Neurodiversity Podcast

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