NADRC Webinar: Innovative Approaches to Supporting Pro Caregivers Of People Living w/IDD & ADRD

NADRC Webinar (November 16, 2021): Innovative Approaches to Supporting Professional Caregivers of People Living with IDD and Dementia

Providing care and support to people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and dementia often requires unique skills, assessments and approaches. In this webinar, participants learn about two innovative, ACL-funded, programs developed to address the specific care and support needs of people living with IDD and dementia and the professional training needs of social service and health care providers who support them.

Art Walaszek, of the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute, describes how his organization created a formal training for healthcare and social service professionals focused on dementia in the IDD population and training on the National Task Group’s Early Detection Screen for Dementia (EDSD) tool and how to administer the tool to help detect dementia in people with IDD.

Kathy Service and Christine Clifford describe the state of Massachusetts’ experience supporting caregivers of people living with IDD and dementia, including the diagnostic consultation process, background on how Massachusetts arrived at this model, and next steps in providing support for caregivers.

Presenters: Art Walaszek, (Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute); Kathy Service (Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services); Christine Clifford (University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School)


Originally published as NADRC Webinar: Innovative Approaches to Supporting Pro Caregivers Of People Living w/IDD & ADRD at Administration for Community Living

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