Master For Real 😲 #shorts #javelinthrow

Double Paralympic athletics champion Alphanso Cunningham competes at the Rio 2016 #Paralympics. The 🇯🇲 athlete is still smiling, competing and winning… in three new sports.

After two decades of field events, Cunningham aims to master other disciplines such as #WheelchairBasketball, #TableTennis and #WheelchairFencing.

“My body needed that change. So I switched. I wanted to show my talent in different areas which I know I was good in”.

“I don’t worry about my disability because sport changed that and I want to change other people’s lives, not only disabled but able-bodied persons”.

The International Paralympic Committee’s vision is to make for an inclusive world through Para sport. Our mission is to lead the Paralympic Movement, oversee the delivery of the Paralympic Games and support members to enable Para athletes to achieve sporting excellence.

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Originally published as Master For Real 😲 #shorts #javelinthrow at Paralympic Games

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