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Letter to the Editor

Your words matter.

I hope you will consider contributing a Letter to the Editor to Disability News Wire. Your experiences, lessons, knowledge, problems, suggestions will help your fellow members of the Greater Disability Community and our allies.

If you've tweeted a tweet on Twitter, written a Facebook post, posted a video, a podcast, or even written a letter to your local newspaper - unfortunately, it is likely your words and ideas will quickly vanish down the feed or be forgotten.

All of our published Letters to the Editor will last (as long as we do 😉 ) and be available to help others.

What do you have to do?

It is easy.

1. Write what you want to write.

2. Fill out the form below (bonus if you have a nice picture of yourself that I can include with your letter, if you are comfortable with that).

3. Hit "Contribute"... and you're done.

What is the deadline?

You can contribute at any time. The deadline for the next month's newsletter is the 15th.

How long does my letter have to be?

"As long as it needs to be and no longer"... which probably isn't helpful.

We have 3 basic formats:

  1. A short letter - 50(ish) up to 250 words.
  2. A Featured Editorial - 250 to 750 words.
  3. An Featured Article - more than 750 words.

Who owns my contribution?

You do... you wrote it. By contributing your Letter or Article, you do give us perpetual rights to publish it on any of our platforms.

I do hope to be able to pay regular contributors and professional writers and journalists at some point... but we're not there yet.

Other questions?

Please ask. Email me at: steve@sbdavis.com

Typing a problem?

You can also leave me a voice message at: 650-539-4884

OK, Let's do this!

Here's the form. If you have any problems, email me!