Join me in the celebration of Stacey Milbern & APAHM!

Today @GoogleDoodles honors Stacey Milbern on the Google homepage in celebration of her 35th birthday and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Learn about Stacey’s life & legacy here →

#Sponsored #GoogleDoodle

Video Description: Judy Heumann addressing the camera. She is a white woman with shoulder-length brown hair wearing red glasses, a blue and purple print blouse, and blue pants. She is seated in her wheelchair and behind her is a white door and a gold curtain. This fades into the Google Doodle artwork on a white screen. It is the Google logo with a drawing of Stacey Park Milbern. She has short black hair with curly bangs. She wears a red printed collared shirt with red rimmed glasses. She has a trach and holds her fingers to it. Stacey’s head is supported by a headrest. A tiger is behind the doodle. It’s tail frames Stacey. Vibrant flowers, leaves, and oranges burst from the Google letters. Three disabled people of color come together. They use a megaphone, wheelchairs, and crutches. The New Pride flag waves above them. The stylized tiger’s grinning face peeks out from behind a red "e."


Originally published as Join me in the celebration of Stacey Milbern & APAHM! at Judy Heumann

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