Horror Movie Fan Disappointed to Meet Surprisingly Boring Man Diagnosed with Schizophrenia

October has finally arrived, and local blogger Ryan Wentworth has been spending the month watching his favorite psychological thriller and horror movies. “I can’t wait to see ‘The Patient’ next,” said Wentworth, referring to Hulu’s most recent addition to the “scary mental patient versus rational mental health professional” genre.

However, Wentworth’s excitement depleted when he finally met “the inspiration” behind some of his favorite horror films waiting in line at Starbucks: a random person diagnosed with schizophrenia. “He was talking on the phone,” said a disappointed Wentworth. “I thought he might be calling his psychiatrist to plant cryptic hints about an upcoming murder spree. But he was just asking his girlfriend for her coffee order.”

Wentworth was surprised the man didn’t have “serial killer energy.” “I wouldn’t have even known his diagnosis if it wasn’t for a button on his backpack.”

Determined to find proof to back up the premise of his beloved slasher flicks, Wentworth proceeded to ask the random man a series of intrusive questions. “My heart fluttered when he said he was ‘off his meds,’” reported Wentworth, “until he explained that he had safely tapered off of antipsychotic medication with the help of a psychiatrist. Ugh.”

Wentworth left the conversation deeply disappointed. “The worst part was when he told me that hearing voices is actually a common experience that doesn’t make someone inherently violent,” said Wentworth. “I mean, come on! He was totally ruining it for me.”

Fortunately for Wentworth, he says it “won’t be hard” to start demonizing people labeled with that F20.9 DSM code again. “I’ll probably just watch some true crime documentaries when I get home,” he said. “Maybe read some bad takes on Twitter about gun violence.”

If all else fails, there’s sure to be at least one asylum-themed Halloween attraction Wentworth can attend this season.

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