Everyone is always talking about self-care, but what about community care? In this week’s episode, Shruti and Harper explain the concept of community care and recontextualize self-care. They discuss the importance of being in community with those you share marginalized identities with, but also how impactful community care across lines of marginalization can be. Drawing on their own experiences, Shruti and Harper describe how putting in the work for your friends outside the bounds of amatonormativity and with equity in mind is the best way to take care of one another—something we need now more than ever in our individualistic society.

You can learn more about amatonormativity from Elizabeth Blake, the researcher who coined the term: https://elizabethbrake.com/amatonormativity/

The Disabled Standard will be going on a brief one-week hiatus—join us on 7/4 for a new episode to kick off Disability Pride Month!

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Originally published as Ep. 6 - Community Care at The Disabled Standard

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