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In this episode, Sarah interviews Lisa Girard and Shannon Ozkan from FAVOR Inc. about the group’s advocacy work as the Connecticut branch of the Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health.

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AXSChat Podcast with Tara Voelker, Xbox Game Studios Accessibility Lead.

 Tara is currently the Xbox Game Studios Accessibility Lead. In this role, she conceptualizes strategic programs and spearheads development initiatives to establish and promote a superior yet accessible gaming experience across all Xbox Game Studios titles. She is also the Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Game Accessibility Conference (#GaConf), a two day conference fully dedicated to accessibility in game development. She also has a passion for horror media and would love to see more accessible horror games in the market. 

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75. S6, Ep8: Unlearning the script: coming to terms with a late autism diagnosis and finding a voice in the community

Squarepeg podcast cover art Aug 2021

Nadia Dillon is a software engineer and entrepreneur from London in the UK. Diagnosed autistic at 27, after experiencing a burnout, she is now 30, and her brilliantly insightful – and beautiful – Instagram account about her post-diagnosis journey has grown to over 25K followers (you may know her by her Instagram handle, @autisticblackgirl). She…

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Education for Disabled Children in Malta (Featuring Professor Anne-Marie Callus)

Anne-Marie Callus is an associate professor at the University of Malta’s Department of Disability Studies.
Today she’ll be telling us how  education for disabled children in Malta has evolved over the years and about the extent to which students with a disability are included in Malta today.
If you think you might be interested in studying at the University of Malta, you can learn more about the Department of Disability Studies by visiting their website:
Department’s website:

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EPISODE 301 – “It Affects Every Part of The Legal System” – Sitting Down w/ Disabled Disability Rights Lawyer Ashley B. Jacobson


Episode Notes In episode 301, I sit down with Disability Rights Lawyer Ashley B. Jacobson as we wheel into the courtroom and talk about how disability impacts our entire legal system.  We explore ableism in law school, policing, etc.  Ashley shares with us her personal experiences of Lupus and Interstitial Cystitis and why self-cathing can…

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Episode 111 – Cooking

The visuals of food prep and cooking can be kind of a mystery, so this week Christine and JJ are donning their jaunty chef's hats and stepping into the kitchen to demystify fancy flambéing, precarious pizza tossing, and curious candy making. Bon appetite!Support the show

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Traveling Different-Vacation Strategies…

Jimmy’s guest is Dawn M. Barclay, author of the book, Traveling Different: Vacation Strategies for Parents of the Anxious, the Inflexible and the Neurodiverse. Dawn is an award winning author who has spent a career in different aspects of the travel industry. This book is a common sense, knowledge packed guide for any parent who is traveling with a child whether diagnosed with Autism or not. This is a Don’t miss interview! Websites from this episode: Website: http://www.travelingdifferent.comTwitter: www.twitter.com/@travelingdif Facebook: www.facebook.com/travelingdifferent Instagram: www.instagram.com/traveing_different LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dawnbarclay .  

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“The Long Haul”: Inside the Patient Advocacy Revolution of the COVID Era (Part 1 of an #ADA2022 Special

July marks the thirty-second anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, as it’s better known—the landmark civil rights law that promised equal opportunity and economic security for Americans with disabilities. As we’ve talked about a lot on this show over the years, as important as it is to celebrate how far we’ve come in the decades since the ADA became part of the fabric of American life, every time we hit the month of July, it’s even more important to acknowledge how far will still have to go to achieve the as-yet unfulfilled promises of the ADA.  And that’s why this July, Off-Kilter will be spending all month long having conversations with leaders from across the disability community—starting with a two-part special diving into the picture for the millions of Americans now living with “long COVID,” the incredible patient advocacy led by COVID long-haulers across the country, and how patient advocates with other chronic illnesses like myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) are teaming up with COVID long-haulers to push for research, policy change, and more. And for part one of that two-part series of conversation, Rebecca sat down with Lisa McCorkell, cofounder of the Patient Led Research Collaborative; Netia McCrery, education director at the COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project; and Ryan Prior, a journalist, a board member of ME Action, which works to build awareness about a condition called ME/CFS, and author of The Long Haul (forthcoming November 2022). They talk about their personal illness journeys, the stories behind their respective organizations, why patient advocacy is more critical than ever, and take on some of the myths and misconceptions about long COVID and ME/CFS and more.  Editor’s note: The Century Foundation is thrilled to have all three of those organizations—the Patient Led Research Collaborative, the COVID-19 Longhaulers Advocacy Project, and ME Action—as members of the Disability Economic Justice Collaborative, which you can learn more about at dejc.org.  For more: Learn more about and get involved with the Patient Led Research Collaborative, the COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project, and ME Action Find out more about The Long Haul (forthcoming November 2022) And here’s a recent Washington Post article on how long COVID could change the way we think about chronic illness and disability

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