Autism Stories: Demi Rivera

“I personally am not an eye contact person. So, when I’m working with my clients it’s nice that neither of us have that expectation that we have to make eye contact, we have to shake each others’ hand, we have to have small talk. Realistically, we don’t have to do that. We’re both very comfortable with each other, and that alone has made it easier to work in my career because I know I am understood by my clients,” says Demi Rivera. Demi joins this episode to discuss running a hair salon that supports neurodivergent minds and what she does to make sure her business is inclusive. To learn more about Demi and Talking Hairs visit If you could subscribe on your favorite listening platform we would really appreciate that. If you are looking for extraordinary support support to live self-sufficient and purpose-driven lives through customized coaching then visit If you would be interested in being interviewed on Autism Stories or would like to be a sponsor send an email to

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November 2022 Family Update

caregiver chronicles

In this week’s episode, Sarah and Jeremy discuss Jeremy’s dramatic weight loss, Joey’s adjustment to leg braces, Remy’s love of music and Sarah’s health issues. Remember, We are affiliated with AngelSense. If you are looking for a GPS tracker to help with a family member who may be an elopement risk, please check out AngelSense…

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11/26/2022 with Bobby Silverstein (Revisit)

Guest Bobby Silverstein, former staff director and chief counsel to the US Senate Subcommittee on Disability Policy and chief aide to Senator Tom Harkin, the lead sponsor of the ADA in the Senate. Justin Dart often referred to Bobby as the behind-the-scenes architect of the ADA

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Access (not) all areas: From Fringe to fooling Penn and Teller, with magician and performer Rob West

Check out Rob and Rhys’ website for tour dates: Rob on Twitter: @WestMagicFollow Morgan and West on Instagram: @morganandwestVisit Leonard Cheshire’s website: Leonard Cheshire on social: @LeonardCheshireGet in touch and let us know what you think of the episode:   

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A Massive thank you! to Appleton (Cheeseton) WI.

Since I started this show in November 2019 Switzerland has always been my largest audience.  

That’s no longer the case because America has successfully overtaken them and it’s all thanks to the city of Appleton (though it should really be called “Cheeseton”) Wisconsin.
If you are from Wisconsin and would like to be featured on my podcast at some point in the future please let me know by sending an email t:

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