California Care Court Bill

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The California Legislature is considering creating a “CARE Court” to fast track determinations of mental competency to mandate treatment. The Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) Court Program is being proposed to both the California Assembly (AB2830) and State Senate (SB1338). This bill is being strongly opposed by many disability rights organizations with letters from…

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Right to Repair Wheelchairs – Letter to the Colorado Legislature

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Help the wheelchair users of Colorado (and elsewhere in the US) reclaim their right to repair their own wheelchairs by signing this letter to the Colorado Legislature. Background There are more than 2 million wheelchair users in the US. Today, if they want to get their chairs fixed when they break, they have to go…

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Education Inclusion Index – #EducationInclusionIndex

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How inclusive are our schools for Students with Disabilities? According to the latest Department of Education Report for 2021, 15.5% of all disabled students in the US are in highly segregated settings (either in a separate classroom for more than 60% of the day or a separate school). Top 5 inclusive States   Bottom 5…

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Right to Repair Wheelchairs – MyChairMyRepair

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It’s your wheelchair, you should have the right to get it fixed. Today, you can’t. Let’s change things. Colorado’s working on a law (Consumer Right To Repair Powered Wheelchairs – HB22-1031) . Let’s get it passed… 1 at bat, 49 states to go. Actions to take You can sign this Open Letter to the Colorado…

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