Disability and the Invasion of the Ukraine

Vertical watercolour image. Top quarter sees black tanks and planes move through a purple cityscape and blue sky. Bottom three-quarters are underground, splayed yellow figures, one a pregnant woman crying, a child, a wheelchair user, a crutch, dark glasses..

In the desperate circumstances that Ukranians find themselves in, disabled people are hiding in their bathtubs because they cannot get to the shelters. Institutions of disabled people are being bombed and families are struggling to survive and unable to leave. In the words of one leader in the Ukrainian disability movement, we’re “easier to kill”.…

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Universal Insurance Model for Disability

Disability can touch anyone. The current disability funding model is based on pity, not belief in the value that disabled people provide to society. We must move to a collective insurance model where disability is funded as a form of collective insurance where eligibility is based on need, not poverty. Related topics: Subminimum wage Marriage…

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Refers to how easily, effectively, and efficiently people, including people with disabilities, can use a product or system to achieve their goals, and how satisfied they are with the experience. The definition can be extended to user experience, covering a more subjective quality of enjoyment.

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