What’s Your Deaf Community Awareness Quotient?

Photograph of Shruti Pushkarna

Growing up in the 1980s in New Delhi, India, I was allowed limited television time. One of the permitted indulgences included a feature film on the national channel, Doordarshan on the weekend. It was preceded or followed by a news bulletin which had sign language interpretation. That acted as an effective tool of sensitisation for…

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Addiction and Depression

An out of reach, solitary woman sitting at the edge of an aging dock looking out over an empty lake

Depression and addiction can go hand-in-hand. The National Bureau of Economic Research reports that people who have had a mental illness at some point in their lives (43% of the U.S. population) consume 69% of the nation’s alcohol and 84% of the nation’s cocaine. Studies have found that when someone with a depressive disorder abuses…

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Inclusive Planning Process

Inclusive Planning Process for inclusion for elderly and disabled people. Objectives Shared Knowledge As the participants in the process work together, they learn from each other and create solutions based on this sharing. Sensitive Design Transit programs designed by those using the service will be more sensitive to their needs. Support for Implementation Groups and…

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Accessible Transportation

Making transportation accessible is key to making communities accessible. The US Government Transit Planning 4 All website provides information and resources for implementing accessible transportation in communities for elderly and disabled people. https://transitplanning4all.org/

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California Care Court Bill

Doubt - multiple Post-It notes floating in front and around an African American man

The California Legislature is considering creating a “CARE Court” to fast track determinations of mental competency to mandate treatment. The Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) Court Program is being proposed to both the California Assembly (AB2830) and State Senate (SB1338). This bill is being strongly opposed by many disability rights organizations with letters from…

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What is Autism?

So, you want to learn more about autism? Here are a few things you need to know. I am autistic. The world of autism is quite diverse, so my experience is just that, mine. And I am writing this for non-autistic people or, using the language of the autism community “neurotypicals” (NT) – my family,…

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How to get a Service Dog

picture of a service dog on leash

If you’re a person living with a disability, you may have considered getting a service dog to assist you in some way. Service dogs are no longer only for the blind, after all. They can be trained to assist people who are hearing impaired or have mobility issues; to recognize low blood sugar in diabetics;…

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Disability and the Invasion of the Ukraine

Vertical watercolour image. Top quarter sees black tanks and planes move through a purple cityscape and blue sky. Bottom three-quarters are underground, splayed yellow figures, one a pregnant woman crying, a child, a wheelchair user, a crutch, dark glasses..

In the desperate circumstances that Ukranians find themselves in, disabled people are hiding in their bathtubs because they cannot get to the shelters. Institutions of disabled people are being bombed and families are struggling to survive and unable to leave. In the words of one leader in the Ukrainian disability movement, we’re “easier to kill”.…

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I donated a kidney… and you can too

I was sitting on the bed in our master bedroom reading the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle in December 2017, when I read about a woman in Ft. Lauderdale, FL who needed a kidney. I instantly thought: “I wonder if that could be me.” Fifteen years earlier my cousin Ann received a kidney from her best…

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