The Japanese Commitment to Disability Inclusion

Exciting news! Hear a show from Japan on the commitment to disability inclusion!

Joyce is thrilled to welcome Megumi Kawakami a certified deaf interpreter accredited by Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, and Martin Dale-Hench, Japanese – English Translator who has worked at companies such as Amazon.to the show. Ms. Kawakami will tell her story about how she managed as a child who is deaf in Okinawa, Japan and how that inspired her to became one of the only ASL/JSL interpreters in Okinawa, Japan. In addition, she will share her impressions of Gallaudet University in the United States where she attended college and explain what that was like for her. Mr. Dale-Hench will share his story of how he became and advocate people who are deaf in Okinawa, Japan and give his thoughts on how Japanese who are deaf are treated in their society.


Originally published as The Japanese Commitment to Disability Inclusion at Disability Matters

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