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Muscular Dystrophy Association Launches Podcast Hosted by SMA Advocate

By Hawken miller / 2021-08-10
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Today, the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) is officially launching its MDA Quest Podcast, which will feature conversations with neuromuscular disease patients, doctors, family, caregivers, and


A Community Life For All: Q&A (Episode 9)

By DPSS Team / 2021-07-09
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During the DPSS team’s training week in March 2021, we received a lot of questions at the end of each session. While we were able to answer some of the questions, we couldn’t get to them all. In this episode, Sophie-Anne and Bethany answer some of the questions that were asked during the session “Inclusion: A Community Life For All”, which you can hear or watch by checking out Episode 8 of the DPSS Podcast.

Some of the questions they address are:

  1. What can be done about existing inaccessible homes on territory?
  2. If the costs are similar, why aren’t buildings built in an inaccessible fashion?
  3. How can we include an Autistic adult in a community that is not built with them in mind?
  4. How can we get recommendations for adaptations?
  5. What can be done to help adults and elders get out of their comfort zone and be more willing to participate in community events?

Download our inclusion fact sheet (PDF)

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Inclusion: A Community Life For All (Episode 8)

By Bethany Hartropp Occupational Therapist / 2021-05-31
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In this podcast episode, Bethany Hartropp and Sophie-Anne Scherrer, both Occupational Therapists working with the Disability Programs Specialized Services at the CBHSSJB, talk about inclusion and accessibility. We all have different abilities, sometimes because of age, health conditions or injury. This podcast talks about strategies for staying active and having roles in our family and communities when we or our loved one need extra help to do this.

Download our Inclusion Fact Sheet


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Resources on accessibility and inclusion

In Eeyou Istchee

CBHSSJB staff can reach out to Disability Programs Specialized Services for support in increasing local accessibility and inclusion.

To place funding request for a project for people under 18 years old in your community, contact the DPSS Jordan’s Principle team.

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A Season for Honoring Ourselves

By T.Reid / 2021-05-26
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To conclude this first season of the podcast which fully focused on those adjusting to blindness, I share a few thoughts from guests featured so far in 2021. Some of these comments were not included in the original episodes. This episode also includes some of what’s in store for the next season beginning in July. […]



Qudsiya Naqui – Becoming an A+ Blind Person

By T.Reid / 2021-05-12
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The vision loss experience is different for everyone. Our responses to circumstances determines our outlook. Then again, our outlook on life can signal how we handle the tough situations. Qudsiya Naqui, founder and host of the podcast Down to the Struts, shares several transformative moments throughout her blindness journey. She discusses going from someone who […]



Ep 100: Podcasting

By Alice Wong / 2021-04-03
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Today’s subject is this podcast because it’s episode 100!! Whether this is the first time you’re listening or if you’re a longtime listener, this podcast is co-audio produced by three people and myself: Sarika Mehta, Geraldine Ah-Sue, and Cheryl Green. I’m proud to work with all three of them since the podcast started in 2017. You’ll hear us talk about the lack of disabled voices in radio or podcasts, our collaborative process, and the


How to Stimulate Early Language Skills (Episode 7)

By Dana Lawlor / 2021-04-01
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In this episode, Dana Lawlor (Speech Language Pathologist) and Cynthia Miller-Lautman (Occupational Therapist)  talk about some simple things that parents, educators, and family members can do to give their children exposure to language and help stimulate language learning.   In Episode 6, Dana and Cynthia talked about how language develops and what a language disorder might look like.   If you haven’t listened to Episode 6 yet, please listen to it before you listen to this one.


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What is Developmental Language Disorder? (Episode 6)

By Cynthia Miller-Lautman / 2021-04-01
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In episode, Dana Lawlor and Cynthia Miller-Lautman talk about how language develops in young children.  They share some signs that could let you know when a child might need extra help in learning language.   As well, they talk about developmental language disorder – or DLD for short.  You’ll learn some signs of struggle to look out for as your child begins their language journey.    Please do not use the information in this podcast to replace professional services from a speech-language pathologist. 

Don’t forget to listen to part 2, where Dana and Cynthia talk about simple ideas that can be used to help children learn language.


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Ep 99: Online Activism

By Alice Wong / 2021-03-21
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Today I’m in conversation with my friends Andrew Pulrang and Gregg Beratan. The three of us are co-partners in #CripTheVote, an online movement encouraging the political participation of disabled people that we started in 2016. You’ll hear us talk about the origins of #CripTheVote, the differences between the 2016 and 2020 election on disability policies and engagement, and looking ahead with the Biden/Harris administration. Please note our conversation took place in December 2020, a


Jill Escher of the National Council for Severe Autism (NCSA)

By Special Education Matters / 2021-03-08
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Many of us have noticed the increase in students diagnosed with disabilities such as autism.  These numbers include students, like my son, whose disabilities significantly impact their ability to live independently. 

This nearly crushing increase in numbers of individuals for whom lifetime care is required is putting pressure on our communities, states and systems.

Jill Escher, mother to two children with profound disabilities, is taking on this challenge in her role as president of NCSA, The National Council on Severe Autism. 

We discuss the challenges ahead and the commitments society must make to help some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society.


Jill is President of the National Council on Severe Autism, an autism research philanthropist (Escher Fund for Autism), real estate investor who provides low-income housing for adults with developmental disabilities, former lawyer, and mother of two children with nonverbal autism. She is also immediate past president of Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area.


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