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Our cardiothoracic intensive care unit, or the CTICU is specifically designed to care for the complex and unique needs of our cardiac patients. The unit includes 20 inpatient beds, 12 isolation rooms and 8 open bay rooms. Also on the unit, a fully equipped procedure room—making it possible for our team to perform many interventions without transferring the patient. However, the catheterization lab and the main operating room are nearby. Our team is leading the way in innovation and research and is specially trained to provide the highest level of care to heart patients of all ages, from neonates to adults. Our patient families are at the center of it all, through family-centered rounding. Twice a day, our team updates patient families—addressing concerns, next steps and discharge day.

Our heart team pride themselves on creating a seamless transition from the CTICU to our cardiac step-down unit and finally home. MANLEY @ 48:26 “When they built the tower building one of the requests was to make sure that the cardiac stepped down and the cardiothoracic ICU was on the same floor which turned out to be the fourth floor so it’s a very seamless transition.

Many of these patients require life-long care at The Heart Center. The Center consolidates all cardiology and cardio-thoracic surgery services into a comprehensive model for family-centered care and convenience. One comprehensive location for education, care and research.


Originally published as Inside Our CTICU at NationwideChildrens

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