Episode 85 – It's Hockey Night Tonight!

"Hello out there! We're on the air! It's hockey night tonight!" – Stompin' Tom Connors.

For some, winter means bundling up, locking the door, and hiding under weighted blankets 'til Spring. For others it means lacing up skates, taping up an old stick, and heading to the nearest patch of ice for a bit of shinny! This week, in a valiant, oh-so-Canadian effort to fight off the post-holiday blahs, Christine and JJ indulge in some nostalgic, description-rich chirping about the best game we can name – the good ol' hockey game!

To hear a live version of Stompin' Tom's Hockey Song, check out this YouTube video, packed with grainy, vintage clips of goals and dustups:  https://youtu.be/UxJvrD80nJ4

To hear today's NHL players share their favourite hockey sounds, check out: https://youtu.be/h61mQXXk7IQ

And for more musings on hockey, check out this blog post by Christine, originally published in 2012: https://talkdescriptiontome.blogspot.com/2022/01/christine-on-hockey-few-days-before.html

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Originally published as Episode 85 - It's Hockey Night Tonight! at Talk Description to Me

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