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where businesses, products, schools, government, everything is designed and built from Day One to be accessible to everyone.

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where EVERYONE is welcomed to work, buy, lead, organize, teach, learn... every form of participation regardless of ability or status - all abilities, all disabilities.

Standard computer keyboard with accessible keyboard in front being used by a pair of hands

#AXSChat with Phyllida Swift, activist and CEO of Face Equality International

Phyllida is an appearance activist and CEO of Face Equality International. After sustaining life-changing facial scars in a car accident in 2015, she set out to reshape the negative narratives that dictate the public perception of scars and facial differences. She is a passionate face equality campaigner, aiming to gather momentum for the equity and…

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AXSChat with Morten Bonde, Senior Art Director at Lego and author of the book Sentenced to Blin…

Morten Bonde is a skilled senior art director with twenty years of experience developing advertising campaigns for brands in Denmark and abroad. He’s worked with both large and small companies and most recently has been responsible for a number of successful LEGO commercials and animated short films. Oh, and he’s legally blind! Morten has an…

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#AXSChat with Beatriz Gonzalez Mellidez, Principal Product Designer at SinnerSchrader.

Beatriz Gonzalez Mellidez is an inclusive user experience professional based in Germany, Certified Professional in Web Accessibility CPWA (IAAP’s WAS+CPACC) and User Requirements Engineer (CPUX-UR). Her current role is Principal Product Designer at SinnerSchrader, an Accenture Interactive company. She has worked as a UX consultant across several countries and in five languages. Her passion is…

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#AXSChat with Hector Minto Microsoft Tech Evangelist for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Hector is a Subject Matter Expert in accessibility, assistive technology and disability issues. Microsoft Tech Evangelist for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Subject Matter Expert in accessibility, assistive technology and disability issues. Previously, co-creator of the learning curve for eye gaze technology, a pedagogy for children (and often adults) to embrace technology despite complex physical,…

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Going to gigs with a physical disability

I miss gigs. I know you’re blown away aren’t you? Such outrageous edgy writing… But seriously, live music has been a huge part of my life for a long time. I worked in a music pub for years, and I’m really starting to get the itch again. But it’s been ages since I’ve been to a proper gig. I’m not as fit as I was before all the bat-based unpleasantness and then the surgery before. It’s been a bit of a time. So my usual thing of being squished right down the front of a Stiff Little Fingers by the barriers jumping around like a toddler who’s had too many blue smarties.
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#AXSChat with Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren

Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren was elected Broward County Court Judge, (17 th Judicial Circuit, Florida) in 1997; where she pioneered America’s first specialized Mental Health Court; dedicated to the decriminalization and diversion of persons arrested with mental illness, and neurocognitive disorders. The Court is a national and global model; and has diverted over 23,000 women and…

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Q&A with Elsa Sjunneson

  Congratulations on your first memoir, Being Seen: One Deafblind Woman’s Fight to End Ableism, available October 26, 2021 from Simon and Schuster! How are you feeling right now in … Continue Reading Q&A with Elsa Sjunneson

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A Poem.

People tell us to stand tall But how can when […]
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Are Education Options Truly Accessible for All?

You must be familiar with the term “Education for All.” This has been used as a slogan by the rulers of various countries in the world to demonstrate their enthusiasm and dedication for educational development. In reality, it is a camouflage in some parts of the developing world. Here, I believe it is relevant to share my experiences with the readers that blind people in Sri Lanka are being confronted and limited in their educational pursuits. It is a heartbreaking situation. For instance, some blind students complete thirteen years of…
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#AXSChat with Jessica McKay, Anthony Vasquez and Erica Braverman

Jessica McKay, Anthony Vasquez, Erica Braverman – 19th of October 2021, 8 pm GMT Before becoming Knowbility’s Director of Community programs, Jay started her journey in education. First as a music therapist and then as an assistive technology specialist, with the goal of building inclusive learning environments for all. She serves as an advisory member…

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