About Disability News Wire

First of all, an apology.

If there is a disability resource that you didn’t find here, especially something that you put together, let us know so we can add it.

If you have an idea for a resource or article that you think we should host here, please make a suggestion… or even give us a hand.

(and if we added you in and you don’t want to be here… no problem, just let me know).

Our goal is to be the place to find everything and anything you need about the world of disability and the disability community.

It started with a podcast

When we began working on our podcast, Disability Democracy (alas, on a break right now), we started looking for other podcasts on disability policy and politics. We found The Disability Visibility Podcast (of course), but, if you go to podcast search engines, there isn’t a category for Disability.

It actually took a lot of work to find Disability Podcasts (not to mention special education and other Disability and Disability community topics).

So, why not create a Disability Podcast Directory?

… and then we were headed down a rabbit hole.

There are tons of amazing disability resources, but they are scattered all over the Internet and often hard to find.

Even when I ask a question to someone who is “in the know” from #DisabilityTwitter, it isn’t surprising that they don’t have a good answer… or even a good person to ask.

As a parent of a disabled child, one of my biggest struggles is getting good answers (or even good questions)… and then, once I’ve found something… great… but that leaves you in the same boat I was in.

Heck, I’ve gotten great help on Twitter and even on Facebook (back when I was on Facebook), but that answer disappears into my historical feed. Hopefully, I’ll remember it… but you are STILL stuck where I was.

Thus, Disability News Wire was born.

There are a number of amazing disabled voices out there and great stories from people in the disabled community. But, it feels like they are hard to find.

If I can find a good question or answer or resource, I’ll share it here.I hope you’ll do the same. If someone else has solved a problem, even better, we’ll link to it so you can find it more easily.

And if the story or resource doesn’t exist, let’s find a way to make it happen.

We’re here to serve you.

If you have any questions, we’ve started a FAQ…. and if there is anything we didn’t cover, send us a note.