LABLEd Podcast is a show about disability illness and difference. With insights from a different guest in every episode, the show uncovers the vast spectrum of life with health conditions and impairments; discussing how it shapes personal identities and opening up about the prejudices that disabled, and chronically ill people face on a daily basis.
About This Episode
In the first episode, we ever recorded, Award-winning Travel and Accessibility Blogger, Carrie – Ann Lightley joins Alice and Lucy as they discuss all things Holiday, Adventure Travel and her life as a wheelchair user
This show regularly covers very personal and sometimes, controversial topics, as such listeners may hear language, including profanity or terminology that they find offensive. Please be aware of this as you listen to this episode.
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Production Team
Hosts: Alice Evans, Daisy Holder and Lucy Wood
Editor: Adam Hull
Music: Maisy Crunden


Originally published as 19. Carrie - Ann Lightley at lABLEd Podcast

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