Behavioral Therapist Kirstie Gillespie Helps Us Understand the Functional Behavioral Assessment

When you are entering the world of assessments and therapies, often the FBA, or Functional Behavioral Assessment, is dropped into the conversation as a starting point to understanding how best to help a child. 

Today I speak with Kirstie Gillespie, a behavioral therapist (BCBA), and we get down to the nitty gritty of what an FBA is, how it is conducted and how the assessment guides therapies going forward.


Kirstie Gillespie joined the CSH family in 2016, and is currently working as a Clinical Supervisor providing support to direct therapy, staff oversight, program development, creation and implementation of behavior intervention plans, and Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) to clients and families with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities and related behavior disorders. 

Kirstie graduated with her Bachelors of Arts in Behavioral Science with a focus in Deviant Behavior in 2015. She received her Masters of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2017, and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in November 2018. 

Prior to working at CSH, Kirstie worked in an integrated healthcare system, working directly with patients suffering from Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injuries, then later managing the Hospital’s Strategic Operations Center. 

Kirstie utilizes her education and experience in neuroscience and background in lean, supportive management systems as a staple in every team she is part of, and every family she works with. In her free time, Kirstie enjoys snowboarding, hiking, working out, and photography.

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Originally published as Behavioral Therapist Kirstie Gillespie Helps Us Understand the Functional Behavioral Assessment at Special Education Matters

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