David Brun
Founder Gateway Navigation CCC Ltd. Specialist designing indoor and outdoor audio based navigation networks. Drawing on my past experience as a small business owner, twenty-years with TD Canada Trust in the Branch Network and Pacific Regional Office and my authentic experience as a blind person both as an advocate and not-for-profit board member, provided me with the perspective, passion and resources to work with a dynamic team of like-minded colleagues and partners to enhance mobility, employment and social independence for blind and disabled persons. Join us in creating real change for all Canadians.

Jeremy R. Cooperstock is a professor in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, a member of the Centre for Intelligent Machines, and a founding member of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology at McGill University. He directs the Shared Reality Lab, which focuses on computer mediation to facilitate high-fidelity human communication and the synthesis of perceptually engaging, multimodal, immersive environments. He led the development of the Intelligent Classroom, the world’s first Internet streaming demonstrations of Dolby Digital 5.1, multiple simultaneous streams of uncompressed high-definition video, a high-fidelity orchestra rehearsal simulator, a simulation environment that renders graphic, audio, and vibrotactile effects in response to footsteps, and a mobile game treatment for amblyopia. Cooperstock’s work on the Ultra-Videoconferencing system was recognized by an award for Most Innovative Use of New Technology from ACM/IEEE Supercomputing and a Distinction Award from the Audio Engineering Society. The research he supervised on the Autour project earned the Hochhausen Research Award from the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and an Impact Award from the Canadian Internet Registry Association, and his Real-Time Emergency Response project won the Gold Prize (brainstorm round) of the Mozilla Ignite Challenge.

Cyan Kuo is a research professional with an eclectic background in education, information technology, and the arts. In the past, they have worked on projects such as a benchmarking paradigm for walking interfaces in virtual reality and using virtual reality for rehabilitating those with vestibular system sensory disorders. At McGill University’s Shared Reality Lab, they manage user testing, participant and community outreach on the IMAGE project, as well as making sure day-to-day lab activities run smoothly. They have an interest in multisensory aspects of video games and interactive media, and are a strong believer in technology for social good and engineering for inclusivity. Cyan has an Honours B.A. in Dramatic Arts and Humanities, an Honours B.Sc in Cognitive Science and Computer Science and an MSc in Computer Engineering.

Jeffrey R. Blum has worked in mobile software for over 25 years, starting as a Program Manager on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile team, followed by his role as Director of Product Design at Mindsurf Networks, a startup building PDA software for use in schools. After developing several mobile products for professional photographers, Jeff joined McGill University’s Shared Reality Lab, where he leads research projects ranging from medical and accessibility tools, to using mobile devices to improve information delivery and connect people through non-visual mechanisms such as haptics. Jeff holds a B.S.E. in Computer Science from Princeton University, and is completing a PhD in McGill University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department.


Originally published as AXSChat Podcast with David, Jeremy, Cyan & Jeff from McGill at AXSChat Podcast

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