ACTION ALERT—Congress: Include People with Disabilities in COVID-19 Relief!

March 20, 2020

As disability right advocates, you’ve made
countless calls to your elected officials. You know how to make your voice
heard. Now, we need you to do something different: use email and social
 to tell your members of congress, Mitch McConnell, Chuck
Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Kevin McCarthy that they MUST center the
needs of disabled people in the new coronavirus relief package

The disability
community has been overlooked in Congress’s previous attempts to address
COVID-19. Now, Congress is working on a third bill, the largest one yet—and
we are being excluded again.
 People with disabilities are being hit
the hardest by COVID-19. If we are going to get through this, we need Congress
to pay attention to us and make sure the third bill includes things

  • Extra funding so Medicaid can still provide home and community based services during the crisis.
  • Making sure family caregivers for adults with disabilities are covered by paid leave.
  • Making sure that people on SSI or SSDI are able to receive cash payments like everyone else, without worrying about income or asset limits.
  • Making sure that people with disabilities can get our medications refilled.
  • Making sure we don’t face discrimination in health care.
  • Protecting the rights of students with disabilities.
  • Permanently reauthorizing Money Follows the Person, to make sure that people who are institutionalized during the crisis can return to their homes and communities.

Because of the virus,
there aren’t many people in Congress answering the phones right now. But we can
still make our voices heard. Here’s what you can do:

  • Email your Members of Congress using this tool from The Arc.
  • Tweet at your Members of Congress and tell them that they must include the disability community’s needs in the new coronavirus relief package.

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Originally published as ACTION ALERT—Congress: Include People with Disabilities in COVID-19 Relief! at American Association of People with Disabilities

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