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where businesses, products, schools, government, everything is designed and built from Day One to be accessible to everyone.

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where EVERYONE is welcomed to work, buy, lead, organize, teach, learn... every form of participation regardless of ability or status - all abilities, all disabilities.

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Episode 21 – UK Travel Part 2

Cheryl and Colleen come back to their UK adventures from UK Travel Part 1 to reveal more about traveling in the United Kingdom specifically, including some money-saving tips. Transportation, taxes, and accessibility are all discussed. And…drumroll…there is a PART 3! Check it out soon, we’ve split things up for easy listening. Tune in for more…

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Episode 20 – UK Travel Part 1

Being visually impaired in a new place can be difficult, but it can be done. USA residents Colleen and Cheryl recently returned from a trip to the United Kingdom! They share some of their experiences with travel, both good and bad, and provide tips and tricks for people researching their next adventure (sighted or not).…

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Episode 19 – Computer Programming and Technology Tips Part 2

How do people who can’t see a computer screen navigate a website? Colleen and her website designer, Cheryl, talk about basics of web design and programming for visually impaired users. Understand more about how blind people might experience the internet and learn how easy it can be to make your site accessible to more people.…

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Episode 17 – Computer Programming and Technology Tips

Colleen is back, this time speaking about accessibility in computer programming!  For all those who design, use, or create programs and websites this podcast will give you some fun insight into what blind and visually impaired people do with their settings and screen readers to try and navigate your materials.  Colleen addresses some helpful hints…

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Episode 13 – Election Day

Election Day 2012! In this podcast Colleen discusses her experience with the polls and elections as a visually impaired voter.  Colleen explains some of her research on the different ways one can be accommadated during the voting process, and tells her voting story!  Best wishes for the American people in this important time. Did you…

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