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Episode 36 – Marvel Audio Description

Colleen returns from establishing her new joint venture, Audio Description Training Retreats, to discuss Marvel Movie-verse accessibility with Alyssa and Cheryl! Hear how video description has entered the Marvel world from Iron Man 1 to Deadpool . What is your experience with audio description in mainstream Hollywood films? Have a good or bad example of description?…

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Special Post: Colleen on Blind Panels Podcast

Recently, Colleen was a guest on the Blind Panels Podcast created by Comics Empower, the comic book store for the blind and the visually impaired. Listen to the episode of Blind Panels. Stay tuned! New episodes of Blind Inspirationcast are coming very soon. In the next episode, Colleen will fill you in on what has been…

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Episode 35 – Reasons It Sucks to be Blind

So you’ve heard Colleen talk about 20 Awesome Things about being Visually Impaired. Now it’s time to hear some reasons why it might not be so awesome.  Hear about the actual woes of the visually impaired, presented with plenty of humor of course. Colleen references the Vending Machine Episode as well.   Have your own? Email:…

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Episode 34 – Spotlight on Sophie Trist and Braille Menus

How does a blind person order at a restaurant? Colleen recently talked with Sophie Trist, who took on the task of brailing many menus for restaurants in her home town. Find out what prompted her interest and what her experience was like. Download the Transcript for Episode 34   Have you used or ever been…

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Episode 33 – Introduction to Audio Description

Apologies for the mistakenly re-released previous episode. This is a completely new podcast episode. Colleen discusses the art of Audio Description and the service it provides for the blind and vision impaired. She touches on where it comes from, how to get it, and her own experiences using the service. Also, she announces a new…

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Episode 32 – Beginning Braille

By listener request, Colleen speaks about The Hadley School for the Blind and her experience learning Braille through their free courses. She also touches on what this special code is and how one would read it. Tune in to hear the basics, benefits, and bumps! Reference Links: The Hadley School for the Blind Braille Translator…

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Episode 028 – Blind Voting 2014

In this fun-filled American jaunt, Colleen discusses the process of how visually impaired and blind people vote at the polls. Her own experience provides criticism, cynicism, and civicism! Learn how you can help the visually impaired vote confidentially and successfully! Referenced Links: American Federation for the Blind – Voting Machines Colleen’s last podcast on voting…

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Episode 23 – 20 Awesome Things About Being Visually Impaired

Legally blind hostess Colleen gives a stand-up rendition of her personal top twenty reasons why the visually impaired community is secretly awesome.  Have you ever walked by a blind person and thought, “I could never live….how do they exist?”  It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible.  Laugh along with us and comment! Did Colleen miss…

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Episode 22 – UK Travel Part 3

Cheryl and Colleen round out their October trip and discuss their specific experiences in venues around London and Wales. It was a wonderful whirlwind trip based in the Cambridge area, and is a must listen if you are going abroad to any sites discussed! Check out Part I and Part II, Tell us about the most accessible and inaccessible…

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Episode 21 – UK Travel Part 2

Cheryl and Colleen come back to their UK adventures from UK Travel Part 1 to reveal more about traveling in the United Kingdom specifically, including some money-saving tips. Transportation, taxes, and accessibility are all discussed. And…drumroll…there is a PART 3! Check it out soon, we’ve split things up for easy listening. Tune in for more…

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