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A Bump’n Podcast 5: Bump’n The Barriers to Bottoming w/ David & Andrew


Welcome back to A Bump’n Podcast!  This month at Bump’n, we talked a lot about bottoming & Andrew wrote a blog post all about his fears of bottoming as a disabled person.  Andrew reached out to his friend David who has CP and has bottomed, and David gives Andrew some important tips and the confidence to know he can bottom if he wants.   We were originally going to use the audio just for the blog, but we thought it was so important that with David’s permission, we included it.   We loved this conversation because of how honest it was, around the logistics of sex, disability and intimacy, and we hope it bumped barriers out of the way for you too. 


You can read the blog “Bump’n The Barriers to Bottoming”

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Originally published as A Bump’n Podcast 5: Bump’n The Barriers to Bottoming w/ David & Andrew at Disability After Dark

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