2022 NADRC Webinar (May 25, 2022): Wisconsin’s Dementia Care Specialist Program

FULL TITLE: Wisconsin’s Dementia Care Specialist Program: A Statewide Effort to Support People Living with Dementia, Their Family Caregivers, and Their Communities

The Wisconsin Dementia Care Specialist Program serves individuals, families, and their communities as part of county-based aging and disability resource centers. The program assists agencies in becoming dementia capable, acts as a catalyst for dementia-friendly communities, and supports individuals living with dementia and their families to live at home in the community. Presenters will discuss how the program started and how it evolved to become a statewide effort.

Participants will be able to:
• Describe community-based memory screening as a part of the program.
• Explain the three pillars of the program.
• Propose planning and action items to state and local decision makers based upon the program’s framework, in part or as a whole.

• Kristen Felten, MSW, APSW, is the dementia specialist for the Office on Aging at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, where she created the Dementia Care Specialist Program.
• Carrie Molke, MS, is director of the Bureau of Aging and Disability Resources in the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.


Originally published as 2022 NADRC Webinar (May 25, 2022): Wisconsin’s Dementia Care Specialist Program at Administration for Community Living

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